4 bizzare coronavirus themed food items from across the globe.

When the top countries of the world is in grave suffering and is trying to find out a way to eradicate this deadly disease, many chefs and sweet shop owners across the globe have come up with some interesting yet bizzare food items which are Corona themed by using their creative minds. It is more of a light hearted approach to spread the awareness of Covid-19.

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Corona Pakoda

1. Corona Pakodas- Chai and Pakoda is one of the best combinations ever which I feel, no one can deny. During this quarantine, a picture of Corono Pakodas took by storm in Facebook and among twitteratis. Within no time, social media went berserk over it.

The Pakodas were spherical in shape and had a tiny outgrowth exactly like the one in Corona virus. The dish was made with simple veggies, rice flour and deep fried in oil.

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Corona Sandesh

2. Corona Sandesh- Kolkata is known for their sandesh and the names like Bhim Chandra and Nag, Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandi are quite common. However, a sweet shop named Hindusthan sweets in Kolkata have come up with this bizarre Corono sandesh to spread awareness on Covid-19. The milk-sweet concoction was distributed free by the shopkeepers. The owner of the shop, Mr. Rabin Pal also said that they will be printing Do's and Dont's admist this tough times to spread awareness for the same.

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Corona Burger

3. Corona Burgers- Chef Hoang Tung and his team from the Pizza Takeaway shop in Vietnam believes that "if you're scared of something, you should eat it." Keeping this in mind, he and his team came up with Corona Burgers. The green tea stained burger buns are prepared with little crowns on top to represent the glycoproteins present on the surface of the Coronavirus.

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Corona Easter Eggs

4. Coronovirus Easter Eggs Pastry chef Jean Francois made these eggs in his shop in France. He told that he was tired of hearing about the growing Coronavirus and thus he came up with something innovative. The chocolate eggs are dark brown in colour and are dotted with red almonds to replicate the microscopic view of the Corona virus.

So, whats your take on this?

Stay safe and hope that all of us can fight this pandemic together. Keep following The Urban Millennial for more updates.

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