93% of Indian employees are stressed about getting back to their office!

This pandemic of Coronavirus has been really hard on everyone. Though all employees love the concept of work from home still, according to a survey 93% of Indian employees now are stressed about getting back to office as things won't be the same, post lockdown.

What is the data as per the survey?

FYI, a health-tech community has started off with a survey conducted by Mindmap Advance Research with 560 employees from all the industries and enterprises. The stats state that 85% were male and 15% were females, as per the data.

It also states that 93% of the employees want to return to work and are dealing with this enormous stress and 85% of people want that their office spaces are santized before they start with work again in office.

16% people are worried about the lockdown getting prolonged. 59% are concerned about their health and 25% people or employees are concerned about the financial crisis.

Why are Indian employees so worried or stressed?

There's a wave of unemployment which is going to hit everyone hard after the lockdown ends. Even many employees are worried about health and safety measures in public transports and office premises and expect proper sanitization by the organization. Many are worried about the shift of work load, recession and lot more.

Even though we are all caught up in the Lockdown, we would suggest you guys to stay home, stay safe and maintain social distance to get over this pandemic really soon.

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