All you need to know about Netflix's "Coronavirus Explained".

Netflix is doing this particular series to bring the intricate details which we have missed out over the time. Even though we are having a diluted life during this Coronavirus pandemic outbreak still there are many information and details we don't know and many false informations are spreading everywhere so this initiative by Netflix is a way of showing how the World came in this place at the first place.

All the narrations are by J.K Simmons, it explains the origins, symptoms, loses, treatment and plan of Action of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Another very interesting part is, before the outbreak only, Bill Gates and many other eminent people were interviewed and they all spoke about such serious upcoming situations.

The series speaks about how World leaders have ignored this Virus in the beginning and how things have turned this massive. It also states that there are many more such viruses present in wild life, which aren't humans yet aware of.

It also says that vaccine and medication will take time and the initial precaution to get rid of this is nothing but social distancing.

This is a must watch show for everyone as it would help the people to get a better idea about how this virus works and all the intricate details, which we have all missed out on. This can help us stay prevented and aware.

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