Culinary journey straight from the kitchen of Simran Jaiswal!!

Food is such a big element in all of our lives but what about the artists who curate the best magic on the plates and make us salivate? Yes I'm speaking of chefs, who not only startle us with their curated items but also with the taste and presentability of the dishes.

Half roasted Chicken witn Peruvian veggies

This is a chitchat with Simran Jaiswal, who's a chef and has worked with several restaurants like Hyatt house, Naples Florida and many more.

Simran Jaiswal

Let's hear her story, together!

1.We all know that, a person with aim soars high. When did you realise that cooking is your passion and you want to see yourself in that chef's apron soon to reach your aim?

Simran- I was always passionate about good food since childhood and cooking is in my genes so I decided to do hotel management. I took food production as my major subject. I became more and more confident over the time and I wish to be in this industry till I can serve!

2. What is the one thing you feel, makes you the happiest as a chef?

Simran - The time when I place a dish which I have made and the smile of the person having it and the satisfaction in his eyes is worth all the effort.

Isn't it the same for all artists?

3. What is a life changing thing you have learnt in your professional life?

Simran- I learnt that "Time waits for noone".I have seen how hectic it is to prepare everything and then cook. How hectic is it to know about all the spices and essences.

Mexican Rice with Cajun rubbed Chicken & Garlic aioli

4. How's this quarantine been for you?

Simran- As a chef or a person, I'm enjoying it a lot as I can make so many dishes and curate so many experiments which I would have missed in the hustle bustle of Life otherwise. I am working on all different cuisines as well as, making my family my reviewer.

5. Do you plan for a place for yourself to serve more people?

Simran- I love to serve people but right now, I haven't thought of opening something of my own, even though I belong from a business family. I feel that I want to work under different places now around the world and gain more deep insights about food and it's variations before planning something of my own. Yes though, I plan to participate in few event pop-ups during the festive seasons,so that, I can improvise on my work.

6. What is the best thing about cooking?

Simran- I feel like cooking is a stress buster for me. It makes me happy and satisfied. I feel that I have a freedom to choose the spices, the ingredients and make something of my own and present the way I want.

Crabcake with shrimps in tomato & Capers sauce

7. How much food presentation is important for palatability these days?

Simran- Food presentation has given a very big importance these days but I feel taste still dominates the score. And yes I feel food which we serve has a story and a good presentation will always be remembered. Making a mark has a very point in anything you do!

8. Mention any quice recipe for beginners reading the article!

Simran- Okay, so here it goes!

To make the Garlic bread-

Step 1- Remove the sides of bread

Step 2- Add tablespoon of butter ,chopped garlic, salt,pepper, oregano and chilli flakes

Step 3- Put this on bread and cheese on top and bake it until brown .

For the Cheese corn cutlets-

Step 1- Boil American corn

Step 2- Boil potatoes & mash them.

Take ginger and garlic paste, salt, pepper.

Step 3- Add all this spices in mashed potato

Step 4- Add cheese in the center make into shape of cutlet.

Step 5- Bread crumb and salt,pepper to coat it and don't forget to freeze it before you fry.

Nargis Kofta

9. What's your favorite food and cuisine?

Simran- I'm a foodie. I love all the different cuisines. Choosing a particular is rally hard but yes, I have a sweet tooth and I love sweets.

10. What do you want to say to the people who want to know more or learn or start with cooking?

Simran- Try understand the different ways of cooking like frying, baking, etc., A good knowledge about spices, flavours and textures. Once you're good with this, you're great to go!

Layered Mango Mousse

This was a sneak-peak about our conversation. Hope you guys loved it. We will soon connect to her in an audio podcast too and will share more culinary adventures for all our viewers.

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