Cycle lanes are coming up in Kolkata soon!

To combat the outbreak of Coronavirus, maintain social distancing and lead a safe life, many Kolkataans are opting for cycles as an alternative. Cycle lanes are soon to be set up now, in the city.

We all know, Kolkata is so famous for for it's food but now, this initiative makes it even famous for the innovations undertaken for the safety standards. It is a giant leap for the Kolkataans to select a bicycle as a means of communication . To encourage this wonderful initiative, the government and the police authorities have tied up to provide cycle lanes, where no other form of transportation would be allowed to move.

This is a great move as the crowd in the buses, have already overlooked the concept of social distancing. This is a much safer and private mode of communication. It can also be a great cardio session for you all.

Now the authorities are isolating many areas for the cycles to run and a setup for cycle repair shops are also being made up, along with resting places for the people. Residents are happy as shorter routes of their destination is found as per the setup of these lanes.

Still the official release is yet to come!

So, do grab your bicycle and hit off to your workspace with safety measures. Till then keep following The Urban Millennial for more updates.

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