For Social distancing, Kolkata cabs now use plastic seperators!

Transportation is gradually resuming in all over India, as the lockdown restrictions are eased now. Now the scare of the pandemic is the new normal, with the rise of cases all over India. Public transport is now taking measures to combat the spread of this pandemic by evolving in various means.

Today we will speak about a recent experience we saw in many taxis and cabs in Kolkata, using plastic seperators to ensure social distance among the driver and the passenger.

Plastic distancing is the new trend now. This is because, finally autos, cabs are hitting the streets, to strengthen strengthen the safety measures, this is the new and unique concept. From 25th March 2020, Transportation services were suspended. Central declared back then a national wide lockdown to combat Coronavirus.

Kolkata has started with this unique trend of plastic distancing. It was first started in Bidhannagar (Kolkata) then gradually spread out to places like Rajarhat, Saltlake, Newtown.

Biddhanagar police came up with this unique idea and mentioned that it is a twofold purpose.

It will help maintain social distancing plus it would also help from the virus spreading from the driver to the passengers or vice versa.

The cost of each barier would be around 200-250/-. The union leaders of these public transport is making sure that there's no hike in the cost of these barriers as then, the drivers might not be able to afford or install them. 800 or more cabs have already started operating this in Kolkata. Even cabs from ola and Uber have installed isolaters to combat the spread. Many office goers are now using public transport or an alternative to it like private transport, car pool etc.

The Chief Minister of Kolkata,Mamata Bannerjee stated that no actions will be taken against govt employees if they reach late to their offices now!

Kolkata's initiative is really applaudable. We hope other states will take up similar actions too.

Till then stay safe, maintain social distancing and keep following The Urban Millennial for more updates

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