Get a free mini moon if you're someone whose marriage is postponed or cancelled.

Updated: May 7, 2020

This lockdown has been

really hard on everyone of us in different ways. Many of us have even postponed different ocassions as well as, marriages have been postponed and even honeymoon plans!

Don't worry, this article is just for you. If you know someone who has faced this, don't forget tag that person and share this article over!

Now 10 lucky couples will get a free mini moon.


Coffee meets Bagel and Getaway has collaborated to give 10 lucky couples a chance to experience a free mini moon.

You heard that, right!

If you're someone who's wedding or honeymoon plans have been spoiled for this pandemic then you can be lucky enough to get a two night stand at one of the Gateway Outposts around the United States.

The Gateway locations are like two hours from the major cities like Atlanta, Austin, Boston, New York, Portland, Washington, DC so you can get a quick trip once it's safe to travel!

Sounds interesting, right?

Couples looking to unplug, it's a great experience to spend in the cosy cabins in the getaway!

Couples can enjoy charming and rustic cabins as well as, there will be no TV or cell phones lockbox for the people who would love to spend time away from the world. Dedicate time to each other and no distractions over the weekend. Couples can also enjoy nature view through the windows of the cabin as well as, carry their furry companion along if they want!

You have a small fire pit for people who love sitting and spending time


You have small bathrooms and kitchens too so that you have everything you need at your reach!

Seems like heaven,right?

What are you waiting for, go and apply for the getaway in collaboration with Coffee with Bagel and get a chance to win an experience for lifetime!

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