Good News, Yellow taxis will make a comeback in Kolkata From Monday!

Yellow taxis have a lot of nostalgia when it comes to Kolkata. Due to ola or Uber, we might have seen yellow taxis going through severe loss at times, so this is a great news for all Kolkataans that, yellow taxis will start again from Monday.

But as the Lockdown is not over yet, there will be around 30% price hike and traveling restrictions, which one must abide.

So let me share the travel details with you!

In this Lockdown, few yellow taxis were available and were not entirely shut as many people used it for medical emergencies, though they might have faced price hikes. The app based cabs and the buses were completely non-functional during this time. But now the app based cabs and the buses are back to operations and thus the yellow taxis are also making a comeback. Now you can step out of your house for work or emergencies or maybe different reasons, keeping in mind certain restrictions. Social Distancing is now mandatory for cabs as well as taxis and this will lead to a price hike too. Only two passengers can sit in the taxi and both in the back seat. The taxis can't be booked privately and need to go just by meter. The 30% hike will be added, after calculating the fare as per the Meter, after completion of the ride. The taxis need to be washed and disinfected, keeping in mind the safety of the passengers.

Except the containment zones, the taxis will be operational in all other areas. For the people who are residing in the containment zones, you need to book a yellow taxi by getting in touch with the authorities, only if there's any emergency.

From Monday, all the yellow taxis will be live in operation. The taxi stands will be live and operational. You need an e-pass with a valid reason for traveling.

The driver should also maintain measures like wearing a mask and gloves, along with checkings at nodal checking points to avoid any form of danger.

Stay home! Stay safe! Maintain social distancing and if you're stepping out for work now, make sure to follow all the rules.

Till then keep following The Urban Millennial for more updates!

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