Have you heard about Virtual Wine Tasting? Trending all over the Globe!

This lockdown is the cradle of many different trends all over India and the World. Every trend is good untill it helps people to stay positive during the hard times.

A glass of your favorite wine, mine would be preferably red,with cheese and the favorite romantic book or film would be the best way to get over the negativities of the lockdown

California had winery tasting rooms but due to the lockdown, it's entirely shut down for a while now. This is a very disheartening thing for wine lovers and their favorite drinks.

So, the winemakers came up with something very interesting. Now one can have online line seminars, wine tastings and even cooking classes hosted by the winemakers.

Yes, a great trend to make you smile and get back to your favorite drink.

There are 80 virtual wine experiences offered by Discover California Wines.

What is virtual wine tasting?

Not only in California, but many other places too are hosting such events. This is a great way to educate people about their favorite drinks. New South Wales is also working upon a lot of virtual wine tasting classes. Customers can pre order and enjoy wine along with the session.

This is a great sigh of relief for the wine lovers as they can't opt for a wine class now, but can have a virtual class now surely!

The online class teaches you the difference between the different kinds of wine and how to swirl it, before you sip.

Edinburgh has also introduced online wine tasting experience in Bacco Wine Bar. This helps them to stay in touch with local customers too and helps to keep the business flow intact too.

Before the session, 6 different wines are ordered to the doorsteps. On the event day, they can relish a real experience.

I am so waiting for this to come in India soon.

What are you thoughts about the same?

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