In Kolkata, divorces and marital disputes are increasing, due to this pandemic Coronavirus

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We all know that, lockdown has made a very severe effect on everything around. The number of divorces and marital disputes have increased drastically over the past three months. Kolkataans are undoubtedly facing a severe struggle for this. According to a survey, the number of marital discords have increased between married and unmarried couples a lot. Many have even decided to take up an divorce. Now when civil courts have opened up, divorce cases are increasing like anything. The lockdown is surely having an excruciating effect on the couples. Domestic violence has increased, source of income is affected, career is falling apart and all such reasons has increased the rates of divorces in Kolkata.

According to our survey, the main reasons of this spurge in the rates of marital discords are-

1. Financial setback due to Coronavirus.

2. Anxiety and depression amongst men and women about their relationship.

3. Rise of anger issues.

4. Spouse Extra-Marital affairs.

5. Worsening of mental illness.

6. Mutual space is being hampered badly.

We would request all the couples reading this, to cherish their good memories and stay calm, as the situation will soon be better, for sure!

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