Liquor shops open in Mumbai finally!

This is for all the Mumbaikers and all our pan India audience that liquor shops open from today in Mumbai and it's a great sigh of relief for people staying in Mumbai and a ray of hope for people based in other parts of the country.

The Maharasta Government was pretty firm enough to not provide relaxations to Mumbai and Pune initially, but now finally they have allowed standalone and neighborhood shops for non-essential items to reopen across the state.

This concession is not applicable to containment zones yet but still, it's a great news to the Mumbaikers to keep the heat and calm their nerves with their favorite drink now and fight with the quarantine.

Only standalone shops serving liquor will be open and not the ones, inside the malls or market complexes, as per the rules of the Home Ministry Official.

There are some strict guidelines and timings you need to follow as a customer and as a shop owner.

Retail Wine shops needs to be closed at sharp 6 pm, whereas wholesalers need to close it at 5 pm. The staffs need to checked and evaluated with thermal screening and only 50% of the labours should be working for the service.

Premises needs to be sanitized in every 2 hours, social distancing needs to be maintained and if anyone comes without a face mask, that person shouldn't be allow to make a purchase. Not more than 5 people are allowed at a time.

So if you're from Mumbai, don't forget to follow the rules. This is a great news for all of you to surpass the lockdown a bit smooth!

Stay home,stay safe, maintain social distancing and keep following The Urban Millennial for more updates

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