Mechanic from Tripura invents "Social distancing" motorbike

As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention", exactly that is how an Indian mechanic hailing from Agartala built a motorbike with one metre gap focusing on the importance of social distancing in this period of pandemic .

Source: Internet

He used the bicycle seats in the front and rear at a one metre distance. He has modified the regular, petrol run motorcycle by replacing the petrol engine with a 750 watt DC motor and a 48 volt battery. The bike runs on battery power and has a top speed of 40km/hr and at a single charge it can go upto 80kms.

The imaginative guy behind the name Partha Saha made the brand new bike from an old bike which he bought from a scrap dealer. "Now I can ride with my 8 year old daughter while maintaining a safe distance", he told AFP from Agartala in the northeastern state of Tripura. This amazing idea struck his mind after the lockdown was extended till May 3rd, on last month when Saha realised that the battle against coronavirus might prolong and he did his best to ensure the safeguard of his family.

Source: Internet

Like in other countries, the Indian government has imposed a Nationwide Lockdown and has urged the citizens to practise social distancing to curb the spread of Virus. More than 40,000 people have already been affected by the deadly virus, Covid-19 already in India.

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