Mental Vacation is the new trend, taking over the Globe!

If you're someone who loves traveling or someone who's tired staying locked up, in these four walls, then this article is for you. The anxiety and the pressure of this Coronavirus is taking a toll on everything, that is, around us. The news, information about the current scenario, everything is leading towards exhaustion. We are just clinged to different screens in these four walls.

Mental Vacation is all about taking a break from all such screens, exhaustion and setting yourself free. Now traveling and exploring places isn't possible. You can't just rush for a vacation and switch off your phones and all form of connectivity. Therefore, Mental Vacation is the new trend. You can deviate your mind to things, which make you feel at peace and which is absolutely free as well!

1. Read a book -

Pick up a book from your bookshelf or order a new one. Read it out. Try feeling the words and be a part of the story. Don't indulge into social media or any form of connectivity and hamper your peace, during this vacation.

2. Meditate or do yoga-

This might sound or seem a bit hard, in the beginning. This is the best way to end your restlessness and exhaustion. Put on a soothing music, take a mat and choose a silent corner of your house. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. You can also play the sound of rain to make it easier. Let all the exhaustion, negative thoughts and disturbing elements leave your body and soul.

3. Listen to your favourite music-

Play your favorite music and tune and get indulged into the magical essence of it. Try hearing a range of music to understand which calms you down. You can even try learning an instrument.

4. Sleep-

A good sound sleep can be very helpful to calm your mind. Escape into your dreamland. No alarms or reminders. You can also try using a few essential oils. The oils would help you to get peaceful and deep sleep.

5. Self-care -

This can be the last point in the list but, this is a very effective and important point as well. Bring back the glow of your face. Use home remedies or try any hair spa or any other way to pamper your skin and health. When you glow and look fresh, it's bound to effect your mood.

This was our recommendation about the Mental Vacation. Let us know in the comment section below, if you have more tips. The only assurance is, you'll get a peaceful mind and your heart will be at ease for sure. It is free of cost, as well.

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