Online Relationship courses is the recent trend for the singles in Bangalore during this lockdown!

The online courses are at huge spurge due to this lockdown. Everyone is working on courses which they wanted to pursue or which would help them to excel their skills.

But, amidst this lockdown, singles of Bangalore decided to take up courses on relationship in the hope of getting their love of their lives. Maybe this course can help you to connect with your partner destined as cupid has forgotten to give you your match, till date!

Sounds interesting, right?

Some of the topics of this course is like "how to get your ex back", "how to impress someone at ease", "how to make your relationship last" and much more. This course isn't something like a dating app but is like a formula which would

act as a catalyst to fetch you more attention amongst the mass, which would help you get a suitable partner soon!

There are some other quirky courses too like "sun sign compatibility", "essential oils for relationships" and much more!

Even there are courses like "getting over from your ex", "how to moveon in life" and much more!

I was pretty curious that why Bangalore is trending for taking up such courses so I got to know from one of friends that, Bangalore has a busy life, pubs, nightlife and such places can give you random partners too,being locked at home is really being tough of such people. Another fact that he shared was, getting a partner is easy but keeping a partner for life is the hardest and,if your relationship breaks, it tends to effect your life too so maybe in this lockdown working on how relationships actually work and a manual of do and don't's is not a very bad option to opt for!

In this lockdown, when you don't have people to meet or dating apps to work to fetch you a date, this can be a great hack for the singles to learn and work upon themselves.

You never know, what's waiting for you on the other side of the story! And if you're someone working on "moving on", "getting over' or want to know the trick to keep your partner forever, then also,this course is a good shot to try!

So, all the singles out there, register today for the free courses, you're bound to help your cupid work according to your need then!

Let me know in the comment section below that what you feel about this trend!

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