Reviewing the Apple Cinnamon Tea by TE-A-ME teas!

My relationship with healthy foods and beverages has never been good. They have always disappointed me with the fact of taste. I want to start my article, thanking TE-A-ME for changing my perception.

I recently ordered apple cinnamon tea from their website. I was astonished seeing a flavor like this. Being a tea lover, I have an inclination towards ginger, cinnamon inclusion to any tea but I was amazed to see the fusion of apple and cinnamon. Best part about this lockdown is, we have ample time to experiment with our choices. The other most remarkable part was, these apple cinnamon tea bags can be used as a hot and a cold beverage both.

The process is very simple. If you want a hot beverage, dip the apple cinnamon tea bags in hot water and stir it. If you want it as a cold beverage, add it with cold water, stir it and enjoy it. Adding sugar or honey is optional. I tried both the ways. I felt, adding sugar isn't needed as it might suppress the flavor. Having such a sweet tooth, you can understand why I am not recommending the addition of sugar. Even though I am in love with the taste of the apple cinnamon tea, still I would share the benefits of apple cinnamon tea. The benefits of apple cinnamon tea are that, it helps in reducing blood sugar levels, loaded with antioxidants, promotes healthy weight loss, fights off bacteria and fungi and may also help with reducing period cramps. TE-A-ME apple cinnamon tea is one of the healthy choices; I have taken up, during this lockdown. Check their website and select your favorite now (

They are offering 25% discount in all the iced brew, fruit and flower infused tea variants. They are 100% natural, no preservatives, glutton free, staple free and food grade filter paper tea bags, which comes with great affordability.

Don't forget to try their entire range or choose your favorite one and share your reviews with me.

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