Stay away and earn Rs.10000/-, applicable for Nagaland people!

Nagaland offers Rs. 10,000/- to all the stranded native folks to avoid spread of Coronavirus. This was indeed a desperate attempt by them to make sure that Covid-19 doesn't harm Nagaland or people residing in Nagaland.

Now we know that the railways have resumed and stranded people are likely to come back to their native lands but Nagaland is skeptical as this might cause outbreak of Coronavirus again in Nagaland. Nagaland is one of the states which has recovered from Coronavirus overall.

Therefore Nagaland has appealed that whoever would stay away would opt for the money from the government. Stranded senior citizens, people with major health issues or emergencies and distressed people have been requested to stay away.

As soon as, the news was released, around 18,000 residents of Nagaland who are stuck at any other part of the country applied for the financial help from the Government and decided to stay back. Nagaland Government knew that there's a lack of infrastructure and resources and if they return, the effect can be adverse and the people who would stay away now can help save thousands of lives.

The Government also promised that, they are intensively working on the medical facilities and resources to bring the residents of Nagaland back home soon.

Even kohima and Dimapur has came up with extra Quarantine centers, where the stranded people can stay for 14 days,before returning to their native lands. Even local NGO's have joined hands with the Government to help the stranded people and request them to stay back. Nagaland has no Covid-19 testing spot and all such spots are available just in Assam so even Nagaland is waiting for the approval of ICMR to open approved test centers in Kohima before further proceedings.

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