Experience both fine dine and a cafe only at Godwit Cafe, Raipur!

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Presenting you the first destination, where we hopped for lunch, namingly the Godwit Cafe. Located at second floor, opposite to PVR inside magnetto mall, it can be the place that gives you both a feel of a cafe and a fine dine veg restaurant.

For me, when I visit a place, the ambiance, music and the hospitality is something which has a huge impact on my overall mood and expectations. So technically, when I entered, I saw a live coffee counter, Arabica and imported coffee products serving us the real taste of coffee.

The second thing which grabbed the attention was the timely service and most importantly, I could see a very unique sitting arrangement, which gave me a feeling of a fine dine restaurant.

The following are the food items tried by me:

Khao Suey

Khao suey-

This is a Burmese cuisine and trust me, who doesn't like experimenting with taste?

It comes with a number of toppings and you can select rice or noodles, as per your preference to go with it. The quantity served was wholesome. You have a strong taste of lemongrass and coconut and a number of toppings to compliment it. So this would be my first preference for a great main course to give you a great culinary experience.

Chat Bean Salad

Chat bean salad-

This would be my second favourite as, I can't think about healthy salad being this tasty . Yes, the salad was served over papad- comprising of three kinds of beans- chole, rajma and kidney beans. It was garnished with chat masala which added to the tint of the taste as well and made it perfect. Definitely a must have for health conscious people out there !

Godwit Khichdi

Godwit khichdi-

When I heard the name, I started thinking that it would be a signature. Though I was a bit skeptical about the fact that, it's khichdi and how the innovation to it will work. I was served the same, it was made out of black rice and arhar ki Dal. This made the colour a bit darkish black instead of the traditional yellowish colour of khichdi. The flavours blended very well!

I would highly recommend to try this new blend.

Cold Coffe with Whipped Cream

And yes, the most important part, I cannot stop myself from sharing the offers. You park your car and get the discount of the price you pay for the parking or book a ticket at the PVR and get additional discounts.

Sounds interesting right?

So, whenever you feel you want to go for shopping? Or maybe you are here for the first time like me or someone who's in search of a good place for food? Trust me, this place can give you an impeccable culinary experience like never before!

Thumbs up for Godwit Cafe!

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