Today's confession, I miss momos and biryani more than bae in this lockdown!

Yes in this Lockdown, I miss momos and biryani (read bae-ryni) more than my boyfriend.

You heard that right, I hope many of you will relate to it!

If we wouldn't have been in this crisis now then due to Ramzaan, the streets of purani dilli or Zakaria street of kolkata would have been filled with the fragrance of biryani and aromatic spices.

Mutton Biryani

We would have gone to China Town or tiretti bazaar or denzong (Kolkata) to dig into our favourite Momos anytime we want to.

Even we would have gone to our friend's place for iftar or eid to gorge on those saffron coloured rice with flavoured meat and niharis!

See I can video call or call my bf and speak to him to feel his presence atleast even though I miss him bad but I can't do the same with the biryanis and Momos. Nothing beats the taste of the Momos and biryani of our favorite places and we can't even get the essence of it anyway.

This Coronavirus pandemic is more hard than getting an ilaichi in the biryani or not getting soup with the momos.

My life has turned more like the raita or aloo or the momo chutney craving for the momos and biryani, without which the entire treat is incomplete.

Chicken Momos

I can do biryani-thing (read anything) and momo-thing (read everything) to have my favorite dish right now!

Do you feel this emotion?

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