Try this "Immunity Sandesh" with 15 herbs to fight Coronavirus, made in Kolkata!

The famous Balaram Mullick Sweets in Kolkata comes up with the best of innovation, with sweets. The Sweet, we are speaking of is called "immunity Sandesh". It's made up of 15 different herbs and spices. This is like the first such innovation ever made and is one of the sweetest ways to combat the effect of Coronavirus. The 15 herbs are tumeric, cardamom,licorice,ginger, Tulsi, nutmeg, gangajal,black cumin, black pepper,bay leaf and peepul. There's addition of chenna to make it, even sweeter.

There's is no use of any sugar or jaggery, as the sweeting agent. As per the claims, this help in increasing the immunity of someone's body. As a sweetener, Himalayan honey is used instead. Honey will help the herbs to retain it's nutritious value. One piece of this immunity Sandesh is priced at just Rs.25 per piece.

It is also available on their website for ordering. A pack of 9 sweets online, costs around 830/- INR. The online is much more pricey than the shop. However, the good news is, they are providing free delivery all over India.

If you remember, about a couple of months ago, Hindustan sweets made a sandesh called "Coronavirus sandesh". It was in the Coronavirus shape, made out of caramel. The owner made it to make people more aware about the pandemic. Though, there were mixed reviews about the product.

Both the experiments, could make you understand, how sweet Bengalis are and how they experiment with sweets and it's innovations. It's nothing but the mithai hub of India.

What are you waiting for? Order now and dig into these desserts and relish the unique creation and taste.

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