What's yours take on the incident of #boislockerroom?

Many of us have heard about the incident that took place through social media.Let us take you through what exactly happened and how did the government function to help the teenage girls out.

It all started with a group discussion over an app, discussion about objectionable comments on minor girls. Disturbing comments and tweets flooded on Monday night, which is entirely been a shock to the nitizens.

The Delhi Commissioner said that,"It has issued notice to Instagram and Delhi Police, about the matter of the online group named "Bois Locker Room".

This group was also used to discuss illegal acts such as rapes.

Now let's see the turn of the events-

So,this group chat was made with 100 members. It comprised of all teenage boys from South Delhi. The group was made primarily to send objectional pictures of minor girls,morphing them, using abusive language and talking to them about "gang-raping girls".

This incident came to public, when someone shared an Instagram user the screenshot of the conversation of the group.

In a span of few hours, the outrage increased,there were screenshots uploaded everywhere about the bully and the abuses done by these teenagers to the minor girls.

Many threatened to leak the nudes of different girls as well as one of the particular message even said, "I can rape her easily".

The elite schools of South Delhi's name came up during this case.

After this case came up, the commissioner of Delhi for Women took up a suo-muto cognisance of reports for the group activity.

This incident said all of the women that they are not even safe in the lockdown . Decades after decades, women safety is issued to risk. Sexist jokes, slut-shaming has escalated from normalising rape culture to outright sexual assault in the world. You can someone who feels that why did the girl dress like that or why are they so frequent over social media or maybe, the girl might have fault too, then let me say you, it's because of people like you that such teenage boys have been ruined to do a nuisance like this. Change begins from home, change begins from one's self.

If you're someone who know about any such group or you're part of one such, then please expose such people and get over this nuisance now.

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